About Voodoo Design

Voodoo Design is owned and headed by Tristan King. It’s been running ten years as a stand-alone company, founded in the recession, but over all, Tristan has over 30 years experience in the graphics, print, advertising and publishing fields. He has worked for multiple design agencies and magazines, working his way up from junior designer to senior designer to creative manager and eventually to business owner, with many clients staying loyal to him and following him wherever he went!

At the end of a full time diploma in graphic design aged 18, Tristan was faced with two choices – one of only two places available at Loughborough Uni, fought over by 60 applicants, or a job offer at a design agency …He took the job offer, gaining valuable commercial experience in the real world, and never looked back. He has never been employed as anything but a designer!

In addition to a great eye for design, layout and typography, Tristan’s forte is design for print, meaning his extensive print knowledge always ensures artwork reproduces as well as it can, tailoring design to work for specific print methods. Silk-screen print, for example, has different parameters and requirements to conventional lithographic print, and newspaper ads need a design sympathetic to the cheaper, uncoated newsprint paper compared to coated magazine stock. Clients rarely consider these things, and to be honest they shouldn’t have to, as that’s the job of a good designer.

Tristan is also an illustrator and cartoonist, which comes in very handy for certain jobs where stock photography can’t quite hit the mark or Photoshop manipulation would be too complex, costly or simply may not work. It sounds like a massive contradiction, but many designers can’t actually draw, relying heavily on computer software. Sometimes this isn’t enough. If you want a panda on roller skates, a drawing is the obvious answer. The award-winning cartoonist works fast and can produce work in different styles, with or without the aid of computer software. His illustrations and cartoons have been published many, many times as book and magazine covers, within magazine features too numerous to mention, on greetings cards in shops up and down the country, within an anti-fraud campaign cartoon book for the Association of British Insurers and within the Sun newspaper. Pencil portraits of relatives, old and young, and pets have always proved to be popular presents – remember that if you’re stuck for inspiration at Christmas! Check out a tip-of-the-iceberg selection on the Portfolio page.

Branding and logo design is also a strength, again with examples too numerous to mention. It’s application is always considered, whilst keeping a close eye on continuity. ‘Branding bibles’ can be produced if required, outlining usage guidelines to accompany a new logo to maintain that all important continuity.

Clients include companies big and small – one man band sole traders through to international companies, from retail to heavy industry. These have been local, national and overseas, with work ranging from the more mainstream and conservative things like stationery and slightly boring NCR forms(!) through to the more unusual projects… gin labels, Viagra ads, stairlift brochures, board games and even aeroplane livery – and most things inbetween! Ask for a no-obligation quote on anything printed, or ask to see more examples.