Logo Design in Telford, Shrewsbury & Shropshire


A logo is the starting point to a company’s branding and the most important element. At the size of a postage stamp, it should work just as well as it does on the side of a lorry, and it should work in black and white before colour’s even thought of. Voodoo Design makes sure it does. No thin lines or fonts that disappear when it’s reversed, no complexities that all merge together when it’s displayed at small sizes.

Voodoo’s process when designing a new logo is as follows…
(i) We take a brief and do our best to ‘read’ a client’s needs whilst considering the target audience
(ii) We come up with several ideas based on that brief and a few variations of those ideas
(iii) We fine tune the favoured design(s) and present the finished article
(iv) Once approved, we provide that logo in multiple formats to try and suit every application…
hi-res for print, lo-res for on-screen use, black and white, greyscale, full colour, spot colour if applicable, as a PDF, JPG, EPS, etc, etc, sent via email and on a master CD.

Even if you, the client, can’t open or import some of the files, your suppliers (such as embroiderers, sign-makers, etc) will be able to. In addition, a branding guide on how to use the logo (do’s and don’ts) can be created for you to distribute if you have the need.

Logos can be created from scratch or tailored to be sympathetic to or co-ordinate with existing designs or sister companies, for example.

As a lot of Voodoo Design’s logos are for third parties (like a ghost writer, but in this case it’s design), it’s difficult to advertise them on this website. If you’d like to see examples, get in touch and three full sheets worth can be emailed to you  🙂