Logos: Don’t be blind when it comes to colour

Posted: 8th June 2016

We know logos come in all colours, but have you ever wondered…
–  what’s the most popular?
–  which colours appeal to a particular sex?
–  how much of a certain colour should you use? SexStats

Click on the attached infographics to reveal some of these answers and more – like favourite logo colours by gender, and as a whole. It makes you wonder why giants like Coca-Cola or McDonalds chose red! Or is it the fact that red’s not the most popular colour it becomes a great reason to choose it? It could be all about differentiating yourself. Have you got it right for your business?

You have to think about your sector too, not just the marketplace, and how colours fit or suit particular industries. It’s unlikely a chamber of barristers would use shocking pink in their logoColourSplits …but again, is that a good reason to use shocking pink and stand out, especially compared to the competition?! It’s a gamble worth considering sometimes, especially when there’s a vast sea of accountants, for example, with ‘expected’ dark blue logos. Is it time to shout about your presence in vivid magenta, electric cyan or citric lime? That’s not to say pure black and white can’t be effective, timeless and prestigious. Ask Voodoo Design for free colour advice.