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Logos: Don’t be blind when it comes to colour

Posted: 8th June 2016

We know logos come in all colours, but have you ever wondered… –  what’s the most popular? –  which colours appeal to a particular sex? –  how much of a certain colour should you use?  Click on the attached infographics to reveal some of these answers and more – like favourite logo colours by gender, […]

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Choosing Fonts

Posted: 2nd June 2016

Fonts can have a big impact on design and marketing. Without graphics, fonts alone can suggest levels of professionalism, levels of experience, a particular outlook, gravitas, and even volume! A lot of it is common sense, and fonts can be selected for their suitability to a specific industry. An extreme case would be a modern, […]

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New Look Website

Posted: 11th May 2016

WELCOME to our new look website. The user-experience should be a little smoother – let us know what you think. Voodoo’s forte is design for print, and we’ve always believed you should stick to what you’re good at and delegate the rest – which is why we’ve been working in collaboration with Lee from Cloud […]

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